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Hi! I'm Cari

I found my true passion for fitness when I began coaching in 2011. Unlike many trainers, I did not grow up an athlete. It wasn't until my early 30's that I truly developed a love, respect and passion for fitness.

When I began coaching, I instantly fell in love with it!

Anyone I've ever worked with will tell you that my main focus is on form. I believe we must train proper movement patterns in an effort to avoid injury or to even heal from injury.

At Impact Fitness, we work hard to meet you where you are with YOUR fitness goals. We look forward guiding you on your health and fitness journey!

Group workouts - designed with our "menopause phase" of life in mind - consist of 3 days of strength training, alternating with 3 days of HIIT training. Menopause symptoms can begin as early as mid 30s! Start training NOW for the next half of your life!

We work closely with members to offer modifications, when necessary, and monitor safe, proper form.

Personal training options are also available to address your specific training needs.

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