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"I met Cari more than 9 years ago when she was a trainer at my gym. I remember taking one of her classes and immediately loved her teaching style. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about teaching you proper technique to make sure you are not only getting the most out of the workout but also preventing injury. She is encouraging and motivating and has this amazing ability to convince you to push yourself outside of your comfort zone without even knowing it. After working out and training with her on and off over the last 9 years, I knew when to expect that little push I needed, the challenging weights that would just magically appear for my next round and I would get that grin from her followed up with "look what you can do". I always left feeling stronger. I was thrilled to have her back at my last gym and get to see others experience her genuine care and love for her clients. I am thankful for all that I have learned and gained from Cari and blessed to have her as a friend."

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