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Amanda K

"Cari is hands down the best trainer I have ever had, and I have had plenty. Growing up I had personal trainers and strength and conditioning coaches and that continued through my collegiate sports. Those trainers and coaches worked with me during my easiest seasons of life, when I was fit and athletic, and while they did their jobs, they didn't leave an impact on me. I started working with Cari after losing 75 pounds but still having fat to lose and a lot of muscle to build along with tightening and toning. I was hesitant about returning to working out and lacked confidence that I could do it. Cari was not only my biggest cheerleader, but she truly cared about my goals and worked with me to ensure they were met. She constantly let me know when she saw improvements and pushed me to my personal limits to ensure I got the most out of my workouts. She helped me feel comfortable while training, focused on form and is extremely knowledgeable about what she was asking you to do in your workouts. Cari made me love working out again and I haven't loved it in 15 years. I can't thank Cari enough for all of her dedication to my journey. A trainer truly makes or breaks your love for working out and I am incredibly thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Cari when I did, because I am not sure I would have stuck it out and gotten through the first few weeks of working out with another trainer. She is the reason I am happier with myself and my body and have a healthy relationship with working out again!"


"You are hands down the best trainer I have ever worked with! You are very knowledgeable and teach proper exercise and lifting techniques. You are compassionate and understanding. You take the time to thoroughly explain work outs and set realistic expectations. You are fun to be coached by and your personality and drive kept me wanting to go back to the gym. You are an amazing motivator!"


I loved working out with you for so many reasons.
*Always friendly
*Smart with form and especially with phrases that make sense in "pull up your pants and zip up your coat"
*Always always inclusive to everyone especially connecting people in classes to make people more comfortable and to keep them coming back. I have made some lifelong friends in your classes.
*Always willing to teach, even on Thanksgiving morning
*Great music selection
*Clear and concise with directions
*great follow up with form to make sure no one gets injured
My biggest and most favorite though was the ease, I never felt weird or clunky with you while getting to know you it was all easy and that is why you are so damn good at your job Cari. Easy to know easy to trust.


“Cari is an amazing trainer and coach!!! She explains moves, how to do them, how not to do them and what areas they work. She will correct form and provide modifications when needed with zero judgment!! She’s positive, encouraging, supportive and will push you to challenge yourself. She truly cares about she does and helping you hit your goals!”

Faith B

"Meeting Cari and having her as a coach was such a blessing and positive experience. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about all things fitness, including form, nutrition, strength, endurance and modifications; she gives 110% to her clients. She is authentic, motivating, and pushes you beyond what you think you are capable of."

Jenn M

"Cari is one of the most amazing trainers I have ever met. Instantly, I was drawn to her positive energy and smile. She pushed me to have confidence in myself and my body. She listened to my concerns with what exercises and restrictions I might have regarding a fairly recent surgery. She not only showed me alternative movements and modifications, she showed me stretches and ways to strengthen those muscles. She is the perfect balance of discipline and strength with love and guidance. She is one of a kind and her fitness knowledge is solid and always expanding. She is an amazing woman who has a passion for helping others."


"I started in a journey at a time I was low and out of shape. You encouraged me, inspired me and helped me start a journey that changed my life. I wouldn't have made it through the beginning without your support and commitment to your students. I appreciate you so much. Still months later I hear your voice in my head cheering me on and telling me to do one more burpee!! Lol. Anyone that wants the best coach will be so lucky to have you!!"


"Going to the gym and starting over after way too long is one of the scariest things in the world. Cari made it painless--okay, she made it less intimidating. With Cari's help and guidance in modifying movements I was able to complete workouts that I would have walked away from without her support."


"I have never had anyone believe in me and know what I was truly capable of when I didn’t even know myself. The biggest moment I remember was on max chest press day and I tried to do 105# but couldn’t do it and you became my spotter and said “I know you can - get down and try again” and I totally could!! You make workouts so fun and enjoyable. You are the reason I became addicted to a healthy lifestyle and I can’t thank you enough!"

Kristen S

"You made sure to show me any and all accommodations to make sure I could keep going. You amazed me when you would run up to me and tell me that you figured out how I could do something and it came to you while you were sleeping, taking a shower or driving…you were always thinking! You would show me how to do a move without hurting my wrist or back and you would literally start pulling out bars, stands, boxes, whatever to show me without losing count of all of the reps you were telling us to do. You made it fun and made it not feel like a workout. Thunderstruck is a fond memory."


"I met Cari more than 9 years ago when she was a trainer at my gym. I remember taking one of her classes and immediately loved her teaching style. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about teaching you proper technique to make sure you are not only getting the most out of the workout but also preventing injury. She is encouraging and motivating and has this amazing ability to convince you to push yourself outside of your comfort zone without even knowing it. After working out and training with her on and off over the last 9 years, I knew when to expect that little push I needed, the challenging weights that would just magically appear for my next round and I would get that grin from her followed up with "look what you can do". I always left feeling stronger. I was thrilled to have her back at my last gym and get to see others experience her genuine care and love for her clients. I am thankful for all that I have learned and gained from Cari and blessed to have her as a friend."

Nichole S

"Cari when you trained me over the past year you were not just a trainer but a role model and inspiration. You always ensured form was correct, I understood why and what muscles were being used and most of all that encouragement never stopped. Even when I was using my gym words and had an ugly butt or a bit of RBF. You are amazing and I hope to someday be able to be in a class again led by you! Thank you"

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